Pandemic- A Culture War? Unabashedly— Yes!

    • November 28, 2020 at 4:06 am #1149
      David Wallace

      We all know this is part of the control, part of the suppression of our society. These Leninist are cunning. They have the strategy.

      Keep us masked.

      Keep us social distanced.

      Literally Divide us.

      Conquer us. Regardless of party.

      We are all being herded. Yet, some of us are pushing back against it. Others are not, they instead are going like sheep. Our media has already worked them over, having brainwashed them. In a greater way this has continued as all media, similar in the manner, they are shoving this quarantine model down our throats.

      Just as  they are trying to shove this election down our throats. The massive American society is the audience of this symphony and the centralized media infiltrated by Former government officials and their relatives are the composers, while the Hard left staffers are the individual flutists and saxophonist, the players, and they along with the news anchors, are making up the conductors as they all play in harmony.

      Will you allow your psychology  to be destroyed? I won’t. I’m going to assure my health in ways I’ve previously described. And be safe.

      That’s disregarding all of the other ways I could be killed statistically.

      Being in a car accident, dying of some ailment, heart attack, stroke, or cancer. Just think, the alternative possibilities are endless. I will not be suppressed or squashed or squelched.

      Let’s think, the vast majority who get sick and die, have multiple morbidity factors to start with. Further, they have nutritional deficiencies, zinc, and vitamins D and C. They have mineral deficiencies in some cases. Calcium and Magnesium are two , then zinc. Less frequently, selenium is another. I’m sure there are others.

      Further, in 1918, after massive published and peer reviewed research we have discovered that bacterial infections killed most people in the global devastating Spanish flu outbreak. That pandemic occurred while their were no antibiotics. What’s different. Well,  today we have antibiotics. Further, while then, it was a larger bacterium, streptococcus, something easily seen under a microscope, something that could result be grown and isolated and then discovered to be detected, (Streptococcal Pneumonia). This is stated in an article by NIH, in August 19, 2008. Fauci is quoted there saying that, while antivirals and vaccines are important, it’s now learned that it’s more important that we stockpile, antibiotics and pneumonia vaccines.

      Now you say to yourself this time it’s different, there is no detected, bacteria, like the Strept of 1918. Yes, that’s right, But detectable is the operative word.

      Today we’ve found when reviewing the literature and being frank, are discovering that a bacterial infection, no bigger than a virus is the primary bacterial CoInfection. The Bacterial culprit! It is, in those cases, where persons are getting very ill, seriously ill, and that it’s deadly, the bacterial culprit is mycoplasma. A primordial bacteria so small that it falls in the range of size of a virus! So it requires special specific methods to bring it out from the shadows to be discovered! And even then you can get false negative test results.

      It’s important that any treatment of the elderly or for that matter, anyone at any age, whose immune system has been acutely compromised by the virus, this making them susceptible, that treatment be administered immediately and simultaneously. Those treatments must be applied in concert, in a cocktail to attack all problems at once.

      Treating the acute immune deficiency is absolutely essential. Those ingredients must be applied to alleviate deficiency while they are being absorbed and consumed in a body that is deficient and consuming these vitamins that require these minerals to function. Your body is consuming them, and they need to be replaced. Like gasoline in an engine of your car. They are consumables!


      Treating the deficiency requires much higher doses of D3, C, and zinc. And moreover the minerals that work with these essential vitamins are just as critical. The aforementioned minerals, Calcium, the greatest mineral in our body, then Magnesium as well, and the immunity mineral, zinc, and even the mineral sulfur.

      You also need the antibiotic themselves, doxycycline and Azithromycin. These require transport in to the cells where they are effective at killing the bacteria. Equally importantly then, it is important to have HydroxyChloroquine or Chloroquine that help in transporting the essential antibiotic into the cells,

      I know too much information.

      All of these facts are in normal circumstances too much information, but not in a case where our society is being wrecked, by draconian edicts, that are destroying our way of life, our ability to earn a living. And worse preventing us making essential societal needs. Our supply chains are being stressed, especially when it comes to food supplies and disposables. It’s not that we don’t have adequate production capacity, we are losing manpower. Poultry production is running at 60% manpower. And that’s indicative of what the problems are across the food production spectrum.

      We have as reported, durable goods rising, yet we need to produce at pre-pandemic levels for all of our needs to be met. In the durable goods sector our supply chains are being strained. A critical element is the stretch it has to make. These global supply chains are strained. Transportation of one component from Malaysia or from a Mexico has become anything but routine. And all appliances are in short supply. But food supply is our biggest and most pressing need.

      Enter the UN & A MAN NAMED Klaus Schwab.

      He is the creator of the World Economic Forum. His response along with Biden and the UN, is to only provide protein rations to those previously vaccinated! Yes, it’s true.

      So if we all want a normal life, we had better get on with therapeutics as well as pneumonia vaccines not only vaccines for the COVID19 vaccine.

      Further, it’s important that we aren’t controlled by those who want to manipulate the current problem to harm us.

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