The Doctors who Know! is here! Dr Qutaiba Aldulaimee and I have been screaming this.

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Share this but keep it within private messaging. Maybe we can circulate farther before it too gets shut down. What we at CoronaQure.Health have proven back in March.

They are correct regarding HydroxyChloroquine. Our patients are seeing results with Doxycycline Azithromycin
Vitamin D3, & C
As well as
Favipiravir Is an effective Antiviral.

Dexamethasone for those who need assistance to alleviate Inflammation in their lungs to assist oxygenation.

HydroxyChloroquine works! Against The mycoplasma CoInfection. And Legionnaires -Legionella HydroxyChloroquine drives the Doxycycline into the cell. The doxycycline along with Azithromycin are effective against multiple bacterial CoInfections.

These various Doctors who want you integrate HydroxyChloroquine into their treatment.
We have the cure, and these doctors have the cure!!