A message from Dr Qutaiba Aldulaimee about the Corona Virus Treatment

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Dear Doctors,

I am Dr Qutaiba Aldulaimee.


Since 25/2/2020

We start to work as team to collect all studies about all pandemics
And how world faced pandemics
And reality about the causes of deaths
Prof.micheal ,me (dr.qutaiba)
Wallace …..we reached fact that thisĀ  rNA virus can cause death with co.infections with legionella and mycoplasma

So we need protocol act on 2lines

First facing virus itself
Second facing opportunistic bacteria
Parallel with supporting immune system

This protocol use some antibiotics hadbeen used with (dengue virus) (Ebola) virus which appeared antibacterial antivirals effect

This protocol included”
First line :Vitamin supplementary in high doses
Second line :antivirals (tamiflu .ribavirin &amantidin)
Third line:antibiotics (doxycycline caps )
(Azithromycin single dose )
Plus minus anti malaria
Depending on home isolation

For the patients with positive swap with no symptoms

-home isolation
-Vit supplementary :Vit C 1000,Vit D3 5000,zinc tab 125
-tamiflu caps 75,amantidine 100

For the patients with typical symptoms and history of contact with COVID-19 patients

-home isolation
-antivirals amantidine 100,ribavirn 600
-single dose azithromycin 500
-doxycycline caps 100
-high dose Vit C 1500
-high dose VitD3 50000
High dose zinc 250

For severe cases

Admission to hospital
-fluids i.v
-ceftriaxon vial 1gm-2
Hydroxychloroquin caps 400mg first day
200 mg maintain
High dose Vit C 2000
High dose zinc 500
-Inhaling ribavirin
Doxycycline caps 100mg