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Dear Doctors, I am Dr Qutaiba Aldulaimee. Covid-19 Since 25/2/2020 We start to work as team to collect all studies about all pandemics And how world faced pandemics And reality about the causes of deaths Prof.micheal ,me (dr.qutaiba) Wallace …..we reached fact that this  rNA virus can cause death with co.infections with legionella and mycoplasma So we need protocol act …

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Our Coronavirus treatment, along with Dr Qutaiba Aldulaimee, MD were given National Award, he is receiving the award, next week in a special Ceremony! It is groundbreaking and the treatment adopted by the Country! Don’t wait for gross expression of infection to show on an X-ray to start treatment! ‪Immediately upon fever spike over 100°F, ‪Keep Vitamin regime D3 5000iu …

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By Mary Engel Aug. 18, 2008 12 AM Times Staff Writer Most deaths in the 1918 influenza pandemic were due not to the virus alone but to common bacterial infections that took advantage of victims’ weakened immune systems, according to two new studies that could change the nation’s strategy against the next pandemic. “We have to realize that it isn’t …