Coronavirus and the CoInfection-

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Coronavirus and the CoInfection-
We state Immediately and Simultaneously. To attack the CoInfection. The CoInfection is the little if at all mentioned near simultaneous attack on the person who has contracted coronavirus. First the virus attacks. Then when the virus has undermined the immune system, then with in a very Short Period, approximately less than three days and as much as seven days, the CoInfection’s secondary assault occurs. The separate pathogen, the bacterial infection begins it assault. It is been found to be in this case, mycoplasma or legionella. In other cases it is others. But primarily those two.


Why were Dr Qutaiba Aldulaimee so driven and sure, right from the start that CoInfection was an integral component of the deadliness of the virus? Because that is the etiology of the disease. Why do we know? Because Dr. Fauci’s Team at the National Institute of Allergy and infectious disease concluded after a major study had been completed back in 2008, August 19, 2008. It was a Tuesday of the week. It was a massive study of of the causation of the death in the pandemic. It had determined that the the mortality was driven, not by the viral infection, it had only weakened the immune system. What was behind all of great death and mortality rate then? It was, in the case of the 1918 Pandemic, the Bacterial CoInfection, streptococcal bacteria. In 2018 there were no antibiotics!


Today and in 2008, there were. Dr Fauci’s statement in the NIH article stated, that it was the Streptococcal infection that was determined to cause most deaths. And of course he couldn’t conclude all. He couldn’t review every case of the millions that died of the disease. Yet his conclusion was clear!
The implications for a future pandemic were that the viral disease pandemic must be fought with antivirals and vaccines, of course. But the driver of the majority of the mortality rate must be fought especially! Fauci stayed, the implication was that the MEDICAL INSTITUTIONS OF THE United States must also stockpile antibiotics and Bacterial Pneumonia vaccines. And deploy them upon the first sign of an outbreak.


So with that knowledge Dr Qutaiba and I pursued a pragmatic approach to this virus. We immediately designed our model based on the known etiology of all pandemic virus outbreaks. We started with what was already stated, the antivirals, and even others. But we also knew about a variety of other approaches. First we knew we needed to add something that CDC AND WHO had said was taboo. That statement resonated through our CDC TO THE ENTIRE COUNTRY! It also resonated through HEALTH MINISTRIES THROUGHOUT THE Middle East!


The use of antibiotics was stated should not be used. Finally when in consultation with Dr Qutaiba lost his first patient, I asked him what was the Antibiotic he had used. He said no antibiotic was outlined in the treatment protocol. That, I saw as an obvious blunder. He said he risked his medical license if he were to deviate from the HEALTH MINISTRY’s edicts. I asked if wanted to save lives, or keep a sheep skin on the wall that would be meaningless. And was he going to uphold his Hippocratic Oath? He said he would treat them. With that, I asked to allay my concerns, what did that mean. He emphatically said “I will treat my patients with antibiotics!”
He then asked me which one.


I stated after considering all the antibiotics, in a matter of pause of a few seconds, Doxycycline! He agrees. The beauty of antibiotic Doxycycline is that it has antiviral properties as well. It interrupts RNA PROTEIN synthesis of the cell! So it’s a dual duty drug. It interrupts the protein synthesis of a yet hidden bacterial infection as well as treating the virus itself. We knew ans you have heard doctors say they were baffled as it appeared that there was no bacterial infection associated with this virus. Any good infectious disease doctor knows that if it’s unseen, and yet it’s present, then it must be two things. It must be small in the order of size similar to the virus, and if it doesn’t culture, it must be in all probability, an intracellular bacteria. That narrowed it down to some Mycobacterium. Or something similar. There was another symptom, agglutination, the stickiness of the red blood cells(erythrocytes) that causes them To clump together. And sure enough, that proved to be the case. It could have well been a major culprit to the disease. As people were reporting shortness of breath and headaches. And forgetfulness. The clumping of red blood cells creates an inability for the cells to pass single file through the capillaries, to oxygenate the cells sufficiently. So the treatment of the mycoplasma infection is critical. Our treatment is enhanced by HydroxyChloroquine.


It boosts the performance of doxycycline, just as it does Azithromycin. The synergistic effect is called an immunoadjuvant. The drug regimen also included a second antibiotic Ceftriaxone. It was administered IV, to assist in the cure. We also knew of the antiviral and antibiotic benefits of a simple vitamin D3 to boost innate immunity, and C & Zinc. And then to increase the anti-inflammatory effects caused by Cytokines, that are produced to attack the acute infection, it creates a deleterious effect, excess inflammation, that causes pneumonia. A flooding of the lung with fluid, and also an inflammation of the space between the blood and the lungs which further diminishes the transfer of CO2 from the blood into the lungs many air sacs called alveoli. The dexamethasone alleviates that condition. It’s important to note that when the treatment is administered early,- immediately-, and simultaneously, many of the heroic measures are not required. When patients know the virus is not a death sentence, they will seek treatment earlier as well. Further why I am I so sure?


Because my early work with Dr Qutaiba Aldulaimee and the Cocktail regimen we created has resulted in zero mortalities. Vitamin D3 Deficiency is at pandemic levels here in the UNITED STATES. And has yet to have been addressed. I will offer information on that momentarily.